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Welcome to cattery Neva Masquerade cats GZHEL.

Nursery still very young, is registered at the WCF in 2013.


In its pages you can get acquainted with our animals and to choose a kitten for the soul and breeding.


We live in the city of Kiev and have been breeding Siberian cats color-point. It's really very elegant color and the name of this breed is one awakens in our soul sensation praznikov. Siberian fluffy with a rich collar, with a luxurious tail cat like to masquerade wearing dark "mask" and "gloves" Siamese cat. "Mask" on the face can not only be dark brown, but also other interesting colors.


Neva Masquerade cat has absorbed all the best that is in the Siberian breed, she emphasized the power and physical strength Siberians, adding to their appearance bright blue of the expressive eyes and Pestsovaya luxury of fancy colored coat.


Neva Masquerade cats can be admired forever and each time discovering something new, unique, beautiful ...


I wish you and you fall in love with this wonderful breed.

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